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Volunteer Hands



Communications & Technology Team

  • Newsletter production
  • Maintain and update member roster
  • Email members/contact member without email access for HDV events
  • Maintain and update member volunteer service lists
  • Maintain and update website
  • Monitor website email
  • Simple computer help for PC and Mac
  • Basic home technical support for electronics/devices

Drivers Team

  • Transportation to and from medical and other appointments
  • Transportation to airport and HDV events
  • Local errands

Good Time Team

  • Organize monthly coffee/pub night events
  • Organize the 3 all-member social events each year

Handyman Team

  • Light handyman assistance
  • Smoke alarm assistance and advice

Health Advocacy Team

  • Medical appointment note taking and support
  • Pick up equipment and medication
  • Health system navigation
  • End-of-life support
  • Hospitalization follow-up
  • Send cards and flowers

Helping Hands Team

  • Meal delivery/shopping
  • Errands
  • Simple Housekeeping
  • Home checks
  • Gardening/Landscaping
  • Companionship/Phone Call Check-In
  • Basic mending
  • Community Resource Information

Membership/Welcome Aboard Team

  • Interview potential members/home visit
  • Coordinate paperwork, screening, welcome letter, distribution of magnets and packet
  • Manage annual member renewals
  • Recruitment
  • Brochure and waivers update
  • Send new volunteer contact info to Dispatch, Comm/Tech, President, and Treasurer

Organizational Team/Board

  • National Village-to-Village liaison and membership renewal
  • P.O. box manager
  • Board recruitment
  • Background checks

Phone Dispatch and Log Team

Village Historian/Archives Team


edited 8/8/19 rjm

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